Weekly Options Trading (level II)

  • Apply technical analysis, implied volatility, standard deviations, projected market maker moves and statistical probabilities to enter high probability of success weekly option trades
  • Trades applicable in up, down and sideways markets
  • Multiple trade methods taught which allow for limited risk and potential profitable outcomes even if market moves against you
  • Trades are designed with a "rinse and repeat" mentality and are able to be placed in the same method and manner each and every week​...making it easy and straightforward for those with full time jobs outside of trading
  • ​Up front capital requirements presented with conservative, moderate and aggressive capital allotments based on desired risk mindset
  • Definitive entry and adjustment (if required) points utilized and taught
  • ​Trades are completely scalable
  • Tax beneficial underlyings utilized
  • Crucial instruction on adjusting positions in the event that becomes necessary

Training Programs Offered

Training Packages

-Bulls and Bears Trading Services; Day Trading and Options Trading Education
-Bulls and Bears Trading Services; Day Trading, Technical Analysis, Options Trading, Portfolio Hedging, Education
-Learn How To: Day Trade Profitably, Generate consistent income with options, Protect against losses  


Day Trading Intro Course:  4 classes, self paced recordings with live Q&A

Options Intro Course:  4 classes, self paced recordings with live Q&A

Hedging Intro Course:  2 classes, self paced recordings with live Q&A

Level I:  6 week customized course (24 nights)

Level II:  4 week customized course (16 nights)

Level III:​  1 week customized course (4 nights)

*Intro Course Recordings available immediately;  live webinars for Q&A regularly scheduled


Course Schedules*

Options Trading Guide

  • Included in Level II Training
  • ​Available for individual purchase

Products Offered

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1 on 1 coaching, trade review, trade evaluation, market discussions or customized training:

  • 1 Hour:  $35
  • 2 Hours: $50
  • 5 Hours:  $100

*At a minimum, must have successfully completed intro to day trading and technical analysis course

Follow Live Trading / Total Packages
Guide Books

Package Pricing

Introductory Courses
  • All courses are live, on-line, evening webinars

  • ​Courses are recorded for unlimited review

Course Outlines / INFO

Intra-Day Technical Analysis Trend Trading (level I)

  • Learn everything from choosing a broker and building your charts to pattern recognition and SOPs in order to properly execute technical analysis for precise entries and exits while limiting risk
  • Trading skills applicable for equites, futures, FOREX and option trading

Trend Trading Booklet

  • Included in Level I Training
  • ​Available for individual purchase

Portfolio Hedging Handbook

  • Included in Level III Training
  • ​Available for individual purchase

Portfolio Hedging (level III)

  • Learn straight forward option hedging plays against volatility spikes and market pullbacks/drops 

​​                   - Potential to generate monthly income

                   - Gains can offset drops in portfolio value due to market drops

  • Place Portfolio-protecting option trades that lock in profits and guarantee against loss

​                   - Trades are designed to allow you to keep your existing long term portfolio positionscapture          

                      dividends and growth while protecting against a steep drop off in stock value

                   - Additional option trades taught for protecting against losses of new positions

  • Level I, 6 week course and Trend Training Booklet; $1490
  • Level II*, 2 week course & Option Trading Guide; $990
  • Level III*, 1 week course & Hedging Handbook: $490
  • Level I-II all inclusive; $1995
  • Leve I-III all inclusive; $2395


  • Trend Training Booklet only; $90
  • Options Trading Guide only; $90
  • Hedging Handbook only; $40

            - Book/Guide/Handbook Combo; $149

*Level II and or level III with weekly webinar and our real time trades for 1 year; additional $1200

Full Package Promotion:  All packages and 1 year of live Level II and III trading:  $2995  

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