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-Bulls and Bears Trading Services; Day Trading, Technical Analysis, Options Trading, Portfolio Hedging, Education
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The Systems Approach To Training:

Utilizing a method proven throughout the military, we employ a crawl-walk-run approach that educates the trader through basic to advanced academics, practical application, simulation, evaluation and then live application...all while being evaluated and constructively critiqued for constant improvement.  This is THE WAY to train and then apply your skills successfully.

About Us

"Proper Training is The Key To Success"

Our founder has 23 years of experience as a retail investor, equities and options trader and technical analyst.  He is uniquely qualified to train other retail traders due to his ground up self education in the market and 22 year background as a combat decorated United States Marine Corps veteran where he served as an F/A-18 Hornet pilot and Force Reconnaissance Forward Air Controller.  While in the USMC he served at levels from front line operator to policy writing and training development at the Pentagon for not only the USMC, but all U.S. Services and multiple Partner Nations.      He mastered his aviation and terminal attack controller skills utilizing the systems approach to training and has transitioned that over to a successful trading career.  After years of finding a niche that worked for him and carving out his space in the stock market world, he elected to put all the training and education to use and bring it to other retail investors.  The approach itself works for those putting their lives on the line, it worked for his personal training and education in the military as well as the marketplace and it will work for you putting your money, and thus livelihood, on the line.  The various courses offered are sure to provide a solid foundation and trading method that fits you and your lifestyle for now and years to come.  

Our Approach to Training 

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