-Bulls and Bears Trading Services; Day Trading and Options Trading Education
-Bulls and Bears Trading Services; Day Trading, Technical Analysis, Options Trading, Portfolio Hedging, Education
-Learn How To: Day Trade Profitably, Generate consistent income with options, Protect against losses 

Specialized Services

Equities & Options Trading and Training


Intra-Day Equities Trend Trading (Day Trading)

  • Technical Analysis applied on long and short term timeframes to execute low risk-high reward day trading and swing trading 
  • Minimal capital requirements

Weekly High Probability Options Trading

  • Multiple in house methods applied to execute scalable, repeatable, sustainable and methodical weekly high probability of success stock option trades with a goal of steady income generation
  • Adjustment techniques and guidelines provided.  Adjustments (when required) are the key to achieving a high ratio of successful trades and separate professional traders from amateurs


Volatility and Market Hedging

  • Global and National current events and economic data applied to enter monthly option trades guarding against drops in the market and spikes in volatility
  • Short term monthly income potential


Portfolio Protection

  • Near term option trades to protect long term investments
  • Lock in gains while protecting against loss
  • Potential for short term gains to be realized

High Probability Weekly Options

Repeatable weekly income generating trades for up, down and sideways markets (Weekly Option Trading)

Volatility and Market Hedging

Monthly portfolio hedging against drops in the market and spikes in volatility 

Technical Analysis Trend Trading

Intra-Day directional trades for bull and bear markets (Day Trading)

Training Packages

 Learn How To:

-Day Trade Profitably                        

-Generate consistent income  

   with options

-Protect portfolios against 

​   losses 

Portfolio Protection

Near term protection for your portfolio against loss

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